Are you tired of using the same plain and boring drinkware for your coffee breaks or promotional events? At Inscriptu, we offer two kinds of personalized ceramic mugs that can add color and personality to your morning routine or make perfect gifts.

Whether you want to showcase your cherished pictures or engrave your logo, our user-friendly online design studio and advanced laser engraving tech can help you create a unique design. In this blog post, we will explore the two types of personalized ceramic mugs we offer – color photo mugs and laser engraved mugs.

Color Photo Mugs

Our dye-sublimated color photo mugs are ideal for those who want to showcase their cherished memories or add color to their drinkware. Our web-based design studio allows you to upload your pictures and add meaningful text to create a personalized masterpiece. You can upload pictures of your friends, family or business logo while placing your order and paying all online. Our 11 oz or 15 oz mug options are perfect to hold your morning coffee in style.


Laser Engraved Mugs

If you want a more etched appeal, our laser engraved mugs are the choice for your one-color logo or text. Using our advanced laser engraving skills, we carefully remove the topcoat of paint to reveal your unique, custom design via the ceramic surface beneath. To ensure an impressive finish, we require a high-resolution black and white design, in AI or PDF format, that our experienced team will work with to create a design that will last. Our 11 oz ceramic mugs are great for a business logo or as a thoughtful gift for someone special.

How We Do It

We've trained for years using advanced laser engraving and dye-sublimation equipment that can produce precise designs into a variety of materials like wood, glass, acrylic, and metal. With precision settings, we can take on even the most delicate projects such as removing the top-coat from ceramic and aluminum drinkware! Whether it's for personal use or business branding, our experienced team can help you create something unique and special that will make any project stand out.


Getting "Mugged"

Our pricing is as straightforward as our ordering process. Our Laser Engraved Mugs come at an affordable price of $15.95 each, offering bulk pricing for orders exceeding 10 items.

If you prefer our vibrant Color Photo Mugs, they are priced reasonably at $12.95 for the 11oz option and $14.50 for the larger 15oz version, adding color and personality to your drinkware without breaking the bank. Bulk pricing also available.

Switch up your coffee breaks with Inscriptu's personalized ceramic mugs!

Whether it's for personal use, a gift for a loved one, or promotional items for your business, our mugs are sure to bring a smile with every sip.


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