Inscriptu laser-cuts solar placards in-house in San Diego, creating highly-visible engraved signage for photovoltaic (PV) labeling.

Crafted from durable, UV-stable acrylic, our placards stand up to harsh weather conditions while meeting National Electric Code (NEC) requirements, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution for your solar equipment.

With easy installation and customizable features, we offer the perfect blend of functionality, compliance, and convenience in solar placard solutions.


SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
3 x 8110$20.00
5 x 8110$30.00
6 x 6110$25.00
6 x 24110$48.00
12 x 18110$48.00


Laser engraving is a process that uses a CO2 or Fiber laser beam to etch designs, texts, or images into various materials. This precise method allows for intricate details and consistent results, making it ideal for both personalization and mass production.

We can work with a variety of materials for laser engraving such as:

wood, acrylic, paper, glass, aluminum, plastic, metal (including marking serial numbers), certain soft stones, and cardboard.

The exact time may vary depending on the complexity, size, material, and details of your design. Our standard rate is $125/hour and we can give you an estimate upon recieving your design.

For optimal quality, we accept the following file formats: Vector formats (such as AI, EPS, SVG) for crisp, scalable lines

High-resolution Raster formats (like BMP, JPG, PNG) for detailed images

Ensure that the files are set up with clear outlines and specify if certain areas require varying depths of etching.

To ensure the best results, make sure that your material is free from coatings that could affect the engraving process, except if those coatings are part of the design. Provide your files formatted correctly as per the specifications mentioned above.

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