Looking for an eco-conscious, recycled solution? Our Falconboard large format sign printing is a sustainable solution for long-lasting, highly durable signage.

Our UV-printed Falconboard Signs, reaching dimensions up to 5 feet wide by 10 feet long, are made from a robust, lightweight, and recyclable paper-based graphic board. With intense rigidity and print quality, Falconboard is the perfect choice for long-lasting, eco-friendly signage that makes an impression.


Falconboard is a highly durable, rigid, paper-based graphic board ideal for large format sign printing. It is built with a unique structure—a natural-colored honeycomb core flanked by smooth cardboard surfaces that provide excellent print quality. Falconboard is particularly suited for interior signage, three-dimensional displays, and point-of-purchase setups where visual allure and a professional look are paramount.

Absolutely! Falconboard's surface is conducive to high-quality UV printing, enabling vibrant, rich colors and sharp details. While the board itself cannot be contour cut due to its sturdy core, it can still be sized to fit a variety of display needs. With dimensions extending up to 5 feet by 10 feet, Falconboard facilitates custom dimensions for impactful, tailored signage solutions.

  • Superior Longevity: Falconboard signs outshine many traditional foam board options when it comes to durability. Its robust construction allows it to withstand the rigors of indoor environments, maintaining its integrity and appearance.
  • Rigidity and Strength: It is twice as rigid as standard foam boards, ensuring your signs remain steadfast without bending or warping over time.
  • Recyclable: Falconboard is a green choice, made from renewable materials and is fully recyclable, appealing to eco-conscious businesses and consumers alike.
  • PVC-Free: As a viable alternative to foam boards made from PVC, PE, or polystyrene, it reduces dependence on less sustainable materials and aids in environmental preservation.

File Type: We prefer PDFs for quality retention. We also accept EPS, SVG, AI and even properly sized PNGs.

Resolution: A minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) for image resolution ensures that your images are sharp and clear when printed at full size.

Color Mode: Save files in CMYK color mode, not RGB. CMYK mode is used for printing and will provide you with a more accurate representation of how your colors will appear on the final product.

Fonts: Outlining your fonts converts text into graphic objects, promising your text appears as intended without any font substitutions that could alter your design.

Bleed Requirement: Add .125 inches to each edge of the canvas size. For example, for a 24" x 36" Falconboard sign, the bleed area would increase to 24.25" x 36.25". 

Correct file setup is crucial for successful printing. Here are some tips:

  • File Format: Preferably save your files in formats like PDF or EPS, with fonts outlined for accurate reproduction.
  • Bleed and Margins: Include appropriate bleed and safety margins to account for any cutting or finishing processes. Usually .125" per side.
  • Proofing: Always proof your files before sending them to print to catch any potential issues early on.

Falconboard signs can be customized to various sizes, with large format options available up to 5 feet by 10 feet. This scalability allows for versatility in creating impactful displays tailored to your spatial requirements.

With a majority of our printing, we utilize long-lasting UV printing. UV printing on Falconboard not only ensures that your visuals are stunning and fade-resistant but also contributes to the product's eco-friendly profile since UV inks are generally considered to be a more environmentally friendly printing option compared to solvent inks.

Falconboard's intrinsic properties are tailor-made for creating Point of Purchase (POP) displays that capture customer attention and enhance the retail experience. Below are specific reasons that make Falconboard an ideal option for such structures:

  • Structural Design: The inherent honeycomb core structure of Falconboard provides exceptional strength and durability, necessary for POP displays that should resist the wear and tear of high-traffic retail environments.
  • Customizable Shape and Size: Although Falconboard can't be contour cut, it can be crafted into a variety of shapes and sizes within its maximum dimensions to suit your specific design needs, making it a versatile choice for bespoke POP displays.
  • Sustainability: Commitment to environmental sustainability is more important than ever, and using Falconboard for your POP displays aligns with eco-friendly business practices, as the material is fully recyclable.

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