Did you know that Inscriptu was established by a former member of the Marine Corps? San Diego actually is home to many veteran-owned businesses, and we are proud to be a part of that honorable community. Veteran-Led businesses are much more than mere commercial entities; they are examples of ongoing achievement, showcasing the powerful and resourceful minds that have returned home, ready to contribute to San Diego in innovative ways.

As an SBA-certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, as well as a recognized by Google as Veteran-Led and operated, Inscriptu is happy to continue to contribute via printing, engraving, and signage for the local San Diego military.

The Seal of Approval: SBA Certification for Veterans

Obtaining SBA certification is not merely about acquiring a label. It is a structured process that includes a meticulous verification of a business’s ownership, adherence to the legal requirements set forth by the SBA for a veteran-owned entity, and the potential for federal contract participation. The SBA certification is a tribute to the skills learned and the spirit of undeterred service that veterans carry with them.

From Bootcamp to Digital Battleground: Google's Recognition

Acknowledgment from a powerhouse like Google goes beyond a mere nod of approval. It signifies the understanding and appreciation for the distinctive value that veteran-owned businesses bring to the digital economy. Inscriptu's recognition as a 'Google Veteran-Led Business' highlights the innovative approaches and digital acumen that many veteran entrepreneurs exhibit. Google's recognition paves the way for Inscriptu, and businesses like it, to further amplify their digital presence, reaching wider audiences in their quest for success.

Local Military Impact

For years, Inscriptu has been working with the local military community, creating custom awards and recognition items, and providing essential signage that reflects and honors the military's identity.

Certification is not the end goal; it is a springboard for further advancement and achievement. It paves the way for forming partnerships, accessing resources, and participating in programs aimed at empowering and sustaining small businesses.

Acknowledgments and certifications from institutions like the SBA and Google are not only validations of the past but also endorsements for the future. They spotlight the path paved by veterans in the realm of business, thereby inspiring others to follow suit.

Thank you to Our Veterans, Our Members in Service, the US Small Business Administration, and Google.


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